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The Ekkono Method

Teams and Clubs: Customized services for the technical side

Mustang Soccer Services aims to assist Team and Clubs who are interested in implementing the revolutionary ekkono method. The company’s coaches are specialists in development and advisory programs to assist teams’, coaches, players or technical directors with the goal of increasing their team’s performance.

Customized programs for Team and Clubs, are prepared individually for each target taking into consideration their main characteristics, goals, guidelines and culture. Our programs are aimed at improving the following areas:

Design of training programs in stages

Players overcome various stages during their evolution as footballers. Ekkono has studied the unique characteristics of these stages and developed a program of contents specific to each. By implementing this methodology, the coaches are able to significantly improve the learning processes of their players who are capable of fully understanding the content being coached.

Unification of training methodology

The training methodology used by Mustang Soccer Services looks to create intelligent players, able to interpret what is happening on the field. The methodology unification process helps the players to acquire knowledge in a structural manner and apply this knowledge to increase on field efficiency.

Strategies of information management

The way the information is transmitted to the players will be very important during learning process. We assume that coaches can stimulate and benefit players in the medium and long term through the way information is delivered. Questions are one of the best tools to help players to find solutions to the problems that arise on the field.

Control processes of competition and training

The transfer of the developed contents during the season should be evaluated both in competition and in training. Mustang Soccer Services uses audio-visual aids in order to help coaches to rethink the contents program depending on the degree of assimilation of the concepts worked by the players.

Optimization of player selection processes

Discovering players with hidden potential and enhancing the level of a team’s performance is not easy. It is crucial to select players who can adapt quickly to the training methodology in terms of both their technical skills as well as their intelligence and game perception.

Design fitness programming

The physical aspect is a very important component in the development of players. In addition it can also directly affect performance. The physical load must be controlled in each training session so that the team can fulfill their potential in competition. Mustang Soccer Services expertise in physical preparation can help coaches to adjust the physical loads of their training sessions and maintain the optimal physical condition of their players.



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