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For birth year 2011+

Mustang Soccer believes that through the Mustang Skillz Academy, a "New Era" of content will provide more opportunities for our members to further enjoy and improve this beautiful game. Additionally, our unique programme has various components that helps improve the fitness, health and well-being of the participants in every session.

Mustang Soccer believes that any system, tactic or team is only as good as the individuals in it. Hence individual skill improvement and confident is the most important and fundamental part of learning: It is based on the premise that while a 11 vs 11 tactics, it is nearly always individual or small group skills that determines a team's success.

Mustang Skillz Curriculum, "The Pyramid of Player Development" is being widely regarded as the No.1 method of improving soccer skills in young players. It is constantly being updated to provide consistent quality programme.

Ball Mastery is the foundation of Mustang Skillz Curriculum. It is also the foundation that all other parts of the game can be built on. This helps to improve co-ordination, flexibility and control of participants.

It improves and encourages accurate and creative passing along with improving first touch control which is important at all levels but increasingly so as the game become quicker and more competitive.

Teaches individual players the skills that are capable of breaking down even the most organized defences and encourages patience and proper positioning.

Attack - Teaches game-winning individual moves that can create space against packed defence.

Defence - Through Mustang Skillz excellent attacking programme, many of the exercises and games also improves individual defending qualities.

Thus this creates key physical qualities in participants: quick feet, balance and co-ordination.

Exercises designed to increase speed with and without the ball along with stop and starts and change of pace in a fun way.

Exercises designed to maximise goal-scoring opportunities with emphasis on instinctive play and technique around goal. This improves shooting and heading techniques in each participant.

Mustang Skillz exercises that encourage fast break attacks with emphasis on creative small group combination play. This combines with effective individual skills and decision making that leads to goal scoring chances.

Training Frequency: 2x Per Week
Location / Day: Milton (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
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