Mustang Soccer Academy | Rep Teams

For Boys & Girls |  Birth years 2004 - 2010

Training sessions will be designed to maximize enjoyment for the players and to set ongoing challenges for them to improve their game. The sharpening of the technical skills of excellent first touch, shielding and precise passing will thread through each session.

Academy players will develop good habits in the game, ball dexterity through quick feet and a willingness to shoot. Coaches will instruct sessions on Pressure, Possession, Switching Play, Penetration and Counter Attacking.

Players will constantly receive feedback on their play and will be given information to sharpen the tactical element of their game: positional support play, running off the ball and attacking and defensive responsibilities.

Players will hone advanced skills like chipping, curling and volleying. Speed, agility and core strength will be developed. As squads are formed instruction on team shape, formation and game strategy will begin.

Players will accelerate their technical and tactical skills to reveal their individual potential and maximize soccer opportunities.

Training Frequency: 3x Per Week  |  Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Games: 1x Per Week |  Saturdays
Location: Croatian Club Karlovac | 1860 Thompson Road South | Milton | Ontario


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