Mustang FC | Showcase Teams

For birth years 2004+

With teams from U14 through U19 and post-graduate, including full participation at all age groups in the CAF Super Groups, the Mustang FC program teaches student-athletes both the technical skill and tactical acumen to create student-athletes who know how to play and perform in any competitive environment. Coaches, many of whom played at the highest levels, focus on speed of play and proactive thinking. Student-athletes are encouraged to be creative and take risks training to build confidence and break their own personal mold.

Off the field, student-athletes get cutting-edge training in Performance elements to improve strength, agility, endurance, nutrition, confidence and overall health. By combining internal/external competition, technical/tactical training and off-field performance development, student-athletes often become coveted prospects by some of the nation’s best academic and athletic universities that know how prepared student-athletes are when they graduate from Mustang FC.

Training Frequency:
4x Per Week  |  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Games: 1x Per Week | Sunday (OSL)
Location: Croatian Club Karlovac | 1860 Thompson Road South | Milton | Ontario


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